Recent Progress

Over the past  couple of years we have made considerable progress on The Lady Ada.  We figured the best way to show you the recent progress would be through a gallery of photos. The photos below show the progress of the restoration in different stages before the final completion.

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View from the main salon through the galley to the forward sleeping quarters.

We chose to use copper for the counter tops in the galley and both heads. The galley is equipped with polished stainless sink, gimbled black glass oven with stove and stainless refrigerated drawers.

View from the galley through to the forepeak and sail locker. Custom cabinetry, copper counter tops and back splash with a set-back opening at the sink create a pleasingly efficient workspace.

The incredible leaded glass breakfronts all but take your breath away and are original from 1903. The cabinet bases are new and perfectly designed to compliment the breakfronts. The motor is housed behind the starboard cabinet base. The steps are the original design but have been reconstructed due to excessive wear.

View from the main salon into the starboard stateroom. The Brass portholes are original to Lady Ada.

The Brass Step Plates are obviously Her identifying plates from 1903. Due to excessive wear over time, the steps were reconstructed to the original design, which was a work of artistic mastery in itself.

Stepping into the main salon..the interior layout has been completely redesigned. Extensive use of mahogany wood sets the tone and ambience for a nod to Her past era.

The chart table/dining table is accommodated by seating on both port & starboard sides. Four large berths are located behind the seating areas.

View of the house deck from the cockpit. (The hatches are covered with protective paper to be removed at completion.)The Douglas Fir decks are an upgrade to the Lady Ada. Note the Purple Heart Stripe that runs from the bowsprit to the stern and onto the custom designed boomkin.

This “Artistic Signature” is a nod from Richard and Sam displaying their respect and passion for the LADY ADA’S restoration.

Detail of the Butterfly Hatch. This hatch is a new addition to Lady Ada. The Purple Heart Stripe in the deck is a “signature detail” that runs from the bowsprit to the boomkin. Designed by Richard and Sam and is exclusive to Lady Ada.

It was our goal for this restoration to use some of Lady Ada’s original parts. The wheel and steering station or helm are Her originals dating to 1903. The expansive cockpit was always one of her notable features and this area has been meticulously restored.

“Progress Photo” of painted hull.
We are quite close to completion with 3 big stages to finish..
those being Hydrolics/Propulsion..rigging & sails.


Every frame…every plank was replaced. Construction details upon request.


View from Port Aft. Incredibly beautiful lines restored to her exact original shape with the guidance of Wayne Ettel’s Master Shipwright techniques.We are forever indebted to Wayne for his part in this restoration.


Some describe her as a “Giant Surfboard”..I’ve also heard a “Downhill Sled”..I prefer to simply note Her Awesome transom accentuating her sensuous lines. The mahogany transom is another of Wayne Ettel’s gifted contributions to Lady Ada’s restoration.


2015 freshly painted. Port side looking aft towards the cockpit. The deck boxes in the foreground are a new addition custom designed for Lady Ada’s deck. These boxes house propane tanks as well as accommodate guest seating.


Restoration Gallery

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Recent Progress Letter