Schooner Lady Ada

The Historic Schooner, Lady Ada is undergoing a complete renovation. She has been placed in a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation for the purpose of preserving maritime history and educating via a sail training program.

The Lady Ada Foundation is in the early stages of development and while our major concentration has been one of renovation and re-construction, we feel it is important to establish her factual history to compliment her complete restoration.
We have done an official search at the San Francisco Maritime Museum and have acquired several great photos of her sailing and racing on the bay. We have Lady Ada’s Registry of Documentation which has provided some initial insight on her past.
If you or your family Name is on this registry of Documentation we are hopeful that you might add to Lady Ada’s legacy with your recollections and or actual facts to her past.

We have numerous “sea stories” and imaginings of her from previous owners. Enlightening and entertaining as these sea stories are,,,, we are continuing to seek any factual information and continue to value as many memories as possible of Lady Ada through the years to add to her historic archives.

We would greatly appreciate any information you could share regarding the 1903 Schooner Lady Ada… facts or memories are equally important. We extend an open invitation to any who would like to visit the Boat Barn to view and follow her progress. We also, extend an invitation to any who care to give assistance in her restoration. Monetary donations are tax-deductible.

Voluntary labor is also welcome. We have many who have visited and are so excited about her restoration that they have returned to be an active part of the project. Her christening and re-entry to the seas are tentatively projected for late 2013. If you would like to be included on our mailing list for progress and updates please notify Cynthia or fill out the online form.

Thank you in advance for any information or assistance you can provide in this exciting venture and historic undertaking.